Saturday, 30 April 2011

Talking to Daddy

I unthinkingly said to two people the other day, ‘I was chatting to God this morning and he said to me…’.  Well one laughed in my face with a, ‘do what! look, I don’t think so! and the other gave me such a glare.  Nonetheless i carried on to say what God had told me and they stopped just short of a snort of derision.  It was obvious what they thought of an upstart who thought God spoke to her.

How sad!  How sad that they had the best Dad in the Universe and they did not hear his voice or chat with Him.

What Dad doesn’t talk to His child.  Where is love without intimacy.  Where is intimacy without communication.  Where is communication without at least some talk, chatter.

Unfortunately to some confidence in a Father in heaven who loves and talks to his daughter and shares his thoughts and heart is seen as arrogance. 

Jesus showed us how to be sons and daughters by his portrayal as a son, especially in the Gospel of John.  He talked and listened to the Father all the time and only did what he saw and heard Him say.

So I will continue to talk to my Daddy in heaven and listen to what he has to say to me, as i sit on His knee safe in his arms of love.

Jenny <><

Just testing


Just joined live writer and this is just a test.